Church Finance

Under Church of Scotland rules, individual congregations are required to be self-sustaining as well as meet an agreed annual allocation, based on turnover averaged over three years, to support the Church’s central services and mission work. 

As with most Churches, we rely entirely on Members’ regular contributions, income from Events and occasional legacies. There is a direct relationship between Members’ income and Event income. Based on the fact that some 80% of our costs are fixed and tend to increase year on year, we either have to increase our income from one source or the other each and every year. Couple this with the ageing profile of most congregations, ours included, the pressure on Event income grows annually. 

We seek to maintain this balance by encouraging members to regularly review their giving and donate through Gift Aid where appropriate. Most importantly, we aim to increase the Membership of the Church, at all levels through our mission, discipleship and fellowship activities. 

John Carruthers