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“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”

Mission Statement

Seeking to be
open and
to all actively
growing in faith

Our Minister

On 2 June 2011, we saw the induction and ordination of our minister, Rev Sang Yoon Cha, and since then we have faced many challenges and changes.  We have had major building work done, adaptations to the inside of our building and the introduction of some different types of services. We have lost old friends and gained new.  We have weathered the pandemic which has had an impact on the number of people who attend church services in person.  The Church of Scotland is currently facing what is possibly its biggest challenge in many years with a national shortage of ministers and a move towards fewer churches.  We are now part of Perth Presbytery which covers a large part of Scotland from the former Angus Presbytery down to the former Stirling Presbytery and places in between. There are challenging times ahead but if we focus on the positives and work together – not only within our own church but also with other churches and the wider community – we will survive and grow.


You can read a copy of Sang’s sermon by clicking on the About Us tab above and then clicking on A Message from the Minister.  

Sunday Service

Covid restrictions have been eased and it is no longer mandatory to wear a mask in Church but, of course, you are welcome to continue to do so if it makes you feel safer.  From time to time there are Covid spikes in the local area so please be aware of this.    If you, or a member of your household, show symptoms of Covid 19 you may wish to do a lateral flow test before attending the Church service.  If the test is positive, please do not attend Church for the safety and wellbeing of others.

We look forward to welcoming as many of you as possible in church on a Sunday morning but please feel free to take any precautions which make you feel safer.

Please note that if you are unable to attend the service, it is now livestreamed on Facebook. If you do attend the service, please be aware that the back 5 pews are out of camera range if you do not wish to appear on screen.

Get Involved

There are lots of ways you can get involved in the work and life of the church, it’s not all about the Sunday service.   However if you are at Church, you may wish to volunteer to help with the after Church teas and coffees.  You could also volunteer to help with the Café as Billy is always keen to welcome new helpers.  It may be that your talents include gardening and the Church always welcomes volunteers to help in the garden behind the Church.

You could attend the events organised by the Church throughout the year.  You could join the Alloa Guild – it is open to all – and meets on a Thursday afternoon between October and March.  The Craft Group meets on a Monday afternoon in the Session House between September and June.  It may be that you would be willing to do a Bible reading on a Sunday or help with the Sunday School.  You may have ideas of your own which could add to the life of the Church so please feel free to share them with us as we move forward.

Ways to Support the Church Financially

Apart from the routine way of donating money, if you were to use “Easyfundraising” then the church benefits without it costing you any more.  Easyfundraising has links with various online stores eg Argos, Just Eat and John Lewis among others.  If you go through Easyfundraising when making a purchase – and have chosen us as your charity – a donation is made to us at no additional cost to you.

The opening day of the General Assembly 2024

The General Assembly of the Church of Scotland held its opening session on Saturday 18 May.  During the course of the week recommendations are made and new Church laws are voted on.

On the first day the outgoing Moderator – Very Rev Sally Foster-Fulton – asked us to think about what doing justice, loving kindness and walking humbly mean for us?  She went on to give examples of where she has seen these things happen during her year as Moderator.  You can read her speech here.

The Duke of Edinburgh, speaking as the Lord High Commissioner to the General Assembly, called on the Church to continue being a force for good.  He thanked members not only for all they do in their communities, but also for participating in the debates and decisions about the challenges facing the Church of Scotland.  He expressed gratitude to the Royal Chaplains for the support they had shown to his family behind closed doors following the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth, at Balmoral in September 2022.  He went on to mention the theme chosen by Dr Paterson for this year’s General Assembly – Building Together –and said: “You can’t construct something unless you work together”.  Towards the end of his speech, he said “Your communities need you, even if sometimes they may take you for granted and not realise how important your role is until the times of real need”.  You can read more of his speech here.

The incoming Moderator – Rt Rev Dr Shaw J Paterson – has been minister of his parish for 33 years and so he has experienced some of the challenges facing parishes across the country.  He has negotiated a four-way union and is aware of the impact of Presbytery planning but has said “We need to build together and we need to come together – we need to realise almost everyone is losing something.  We have to try and get over any sense of animosity.  We’re a Church together and we need to go forward together to build on the foundations of all our forebears”.  His theme for the year is Building Together.  You can read his response to being elected here.

The week ahead will be interesting and you can follow the debates and read the papers on the Church of Scotland website.

Thy Kingdom Come

The Church of Scotland is encouraging members to participate in Thy Kingdom Come which runs from Ascension Day to Pentecost Sunday (Thursday 9 May – Sunday 19 May).  This year for the first time a Scottish Prayer Journal has been produced which has a link to a short video and an idea to think about as a basis for prayer. The initiative started in 2016 in the Church of England and has grown over time to unite more than a million Christians in prayer, in nearly 90% of countries worldwide, across 85 different denominations and traditions.  In these times of conflict, extremism and hatred it is particularly important that we join together in prayer to make the world a better place.

Christian Aid Week

Christian Aid is an organisation which has been in existence for more than 75 years with the aim of helping people to move out of poverty.  It started in the aftermath of WW2 and in those early days provided emergency supplies to help refugees.  While the people they have supported and the reason for the support may have changed over they years, the underlying aim of improving the lives of the poorest people in society by working with people- of all faiths and none – to stand up for dignity, equality and justice, has remained unchanged.

The first Christian Aid Week was launched in the 1950’s and has continued every year since to highlight the ongoing need to support people to have a better quality of life without losing their dignity.  Christian Aid does not only provide practical support to those suffering extreme poverty but is also prepared to challenge economic, political and social systems and structures in a bid to remove the root causes of poverty and inequality.

This year, Christian Aid Week highlights the story of Aline from Burundi.  She was married while still a child and when she was forced to flee from her violent husband and became homeless she was insulted and looked down on as she struggled to survive.  Christian Aid helped by giving her access to small business training  which helped her set up a business and she now has a safe home for herself and her children,  You can read more details about Aline’s story and the difference Christian Aid made to her life.

The Christian Aid website has a range of ideas about how you can be involved in Christian Aid week to help someone push back against poverty.  It is sad that there are still so many people in so many parts of the world who are suffering from extreme poverty and that prejudice and inequality still exist. We can all help in some small way to make life better for others and there is a daily devotional resource available which gives a short prayer for each day as well as points to consider.

St Mungo’s Rotas

Flower Rota Duty Groups
19 May Mrs J Deacon Group C
26 May Mr T Thomson Group D
2 June Group A
9 June Mrs B Campbell Group B


The Alloa Guild new committee has now had one meeting and we are already thinking ahead to the programme for next session.  As always, we hope to have a wide and varied selection of speakers and activities.  Recently, the AGM of Stirling Guilds Together – the group which covers the legacy Stirling presbytery – was held in Stirling.  As well as the business of the meeting, those who attended enjoyed the singing of the Renaissance choir and also the lovely afternoon tea.  As within the wider Church, re-organisation is about to take place.  There is still a lot of work to be done to put the new structure in place but it is likely that we will be part of a group which includes Stirling and Clackmannanshire, Perth and Kinross, Dunkeld and Meigle West and Falkirk.  The Guild has always led the way within the Church and has helped to improve the lives of countless numbers of people across the world through their willingness to take action and offer support.  The Guild report to the General Assembly is scheduled to be given at 11 am on Tuesday 21 May and this can normally be accessed live on the Church of Scotland website.  We look forward to hearing what is said.

St Mungo’s Community Café

The café is normally open on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday each week between 10 and 4 but will be closed this week on Monday and Tuesday.   The new Spring/Summer menu is now available and a copy of this menu can be found by clicking on the Newsletter tab above.

Booking is advised for afternoon tea.  Please phone Billy to book a table  on his mobile, 07395 091107.

Current Events

Recent news from the wider Church

Iconic Linlithgow spire restored

The Crown of Thorns spire of St Michael’s Parish Church in Linlithgow has been a landmark for the last 60 years at the church which sits next to Linlithgow Palace and overlooks Linlithgow loch.  Over the years, water has seeped in to the structure rotting the timbers and dulling the golden finish.  This has been repaired and now looks as it did when new.  The minister of that Michael’s sees this renewed spire a s a symbol of renewal withing his growing congregation.

Love in action from pulpit to pitch

In this month’s Talking Ministry section on the Church of Scotland website,  Dawn Westwood, who is currently a probationary minister at Kirkton Parish Church in Carluke speaks about how she came to the Ministry. She is also chaplain to Livingston Women FC and she gives some insight into the work she does with regard to this.

The General Assembly of the Church of Scotland

The General Assembly is the supreme court of the Church of Scotland and it meets annually to hear reports from the councils and committees, make laws and set the agenda for the national Church.  This year the General Assembly takes place from 18-23 May in Edinburgh and the theme for this year is .  This year the Moderator, who took up his role on Saturday 18 May, will be Rev Dr Shaw James Paterson, the minister of Strathaven Trinity Parish Church.  Prince Edward, the Duke of Edinburgh, has been appointed as the Lord High Commissioner to the 2024 General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, a decade after he last took on the role of royal representative at the annual gathering.  The Lord High Commissioner is the Sovereign’s personal representative to the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland and is appointed by His Majesty The King to attend proceedings on his behalf.

You can follow the work of the Assembly and listen to the papers being presented as the proceedings are livestreamed every day.  If you are unable to watch the live proceedings, you can watch the replays by clicking the links on that page.

A new book gives one ministers views about creating a stronger church

Perthshire minister Rev Neil Glover has written a new book called Finding Our Voice in which he lays out his ideas about how and why the Church should look at changing.  You can listen to Neil as he talks about how the Kirk can replace the image of ‘Rev I M Jolly’ with true joy here.

Presbytery of Perth Online Presence

The Communications Officer has started up a brand-new Instagram page.  The aim is to share pictures and stories from across the presbytery.  Over the next few months Ruth will be doing features on parishes across the presbytery with 30 second videos where ministers introduce their parish.  The Presbytery also produces a weekly newsletter which can be accessed on the Perth Presbytery website.

St Mungo's News

This Sunday the service will be taken by Rev Sang Cha at 11.15 am.  The Order of Service can be found on the What’s On page.

We are always happy to welcome new members as well as those who have attended in the past.  The Sunday School normally meets in the church for the first part of the service before going to the Session House to take part in age-appropriate work.  All children aged 3-11 are welcome to attend.

At a recent Kirk Session meeting it was agreed that we would reinstate the use of the display boards in the Porch to highlight matters of interest in St Mungo’s and the wider community.  For the month of May we will be highlighting the work done by Christian Aid.  This year Christian Aid week is 12-18 May.  There will be a retiring collection for Christian Aid after the service on Sunday 19 May to help support the work they do.

We have a box in the porch for donations to The Gate foodbank.  Your contributions make a difference to those who are finding it difficult to make ends meet in difficult financial times and donations are always welcome.

The Guild is collecting supplies for Ecwendeni Mission Hospital and donations can be put in the box in the porch.  Full details can be found there but even small items like plasters and bandages will be useful.  Donations must be in original packaging.  We are also taking part in the Church of Scotland stamp appeal and used postage stamps can be left in the porch.

Volunteers to help with the after-Church teas and coffees are always welcome.

The Craft group meet in th session house on a Monday afternoon from 2-4.  All are welcome to attend.

If you know of anyone who has moved, is ill, in hospital, passed away or gone into residential care, please let either your elder or Andrena know so that we can keep our information up to date.

The Good Shepherd window

This window is dedicated to the memory of William Duncan Bruce – who was an elder for 50 years – and his wife Elizabeth and last year we had a visit from one of their descendants who came over from California to see the window.  It depicts Jesus as the Good Shepherd carrying the lamb in one arm and his shepherd’s crook in the other hand.  In John 10, Jesus says,  I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep.  In the parable of the lost sheep, a shepherd would leave his ninety-nine sheep and search for the lost one until he found it.  Once he had found it, he would put it on his shoulders and bring it home, happy that he had returned the lost one to the fold.

In our window, this is the image that is clearly seen but, if you look more closely, you can see another sheep lying at the feet of Jesus, showing that he values everyone.

How can you support the Church?

The Church is open for the Sunday service, and the work of the church is continuing.  This means that there are still expenses to be covered so please help if you can. You can either fill your envelope each week ready for when you are able to join us for the Church service again or if you would like to set up a Standing Order or give a donation please get in touch using the email address connect@alloastmungos.org or contact our Treasurer, Scott Maxwell (07711148762), and he will be happy to give you more information.  If you are a taxpayer, you may wish to Gift Aid your donations which will increase the amount of money the Church receives at no extra cost to you.  Forms are available from Scott Maxwell or Ann Anderson.

To find out about the ways in which you can support the Church – financially and otherwise – please click on the Support Us tab above.