About Us


The Rev. Sang Y Cha was appointed minister of St. Mungo’s in 2011. Born in South Korea and brought up in New Jersey, he moved to the UK to study theology. 

How the church operates

Our church is governed by the Kirk Session which is split into working groups to look after different aspects of church life. For more detailed information click on the links below.

The Elders

Elders are appointed by the Kirk Session to act as trustees and help in the general management and organisation of the Church. Members of the congregation are allocated to a district and can expect visits from their district Elder throughout the year.

What to expect on a Sunday

At the moment Church services are being held virtually and, even when we can meet in person we are having to do things differently. More information about what to expect when we are allowed to return to the Church building, albeit under Covid restrictions, can be found in the newsletter tab.

Anyone can attend a Sunday service in the Church – you don’t have to be a member. The days of having to wear a hat and gloves or a good suit and tie to church are long gone.

Once things return to normal, this is what you can expect when you come to Church.


When you arrive at the Church there are Elders in the Porch to meet you. They will give you a hymn book and an Order of Service before you go into the Church itself. You can sit in any of the pews – the choice is yours.

The Order of Service tells you the sequence of the service. The Hymns are the songs that we sing. We usually stand to sing the hymns and the organist plays the tune once through before we stand which lets us find the hymn and know what the tune sounds like. If you are unable to stand or don’t feel comfortable standing then please stay seated.

The Bible readings are read by someone who goes to the front of the church and you can follow it in either your own bible or one of the pew bibles if you wish.

The children can sit with their parents during the service and they leave during the last verse of the hymn after the Children’s address to go to their own groups. The Sunday School caters for those aged 3 up to P7 pupils.

After the Minister’s sermon – and you are encouraged to laugh at his jokes – the collection is taken by the elders on duty. Plates are passed along the rows and, while we would encourage people to donate, it is not essential. The money collected goes towards the work of the Church.

After the service teas and coffees are served in the social area at the back of the Church and this will give you the chance to meet friends old and new before you go home.

The church has a ramp at the main door so that wheelchairs and others with mobility issues can get in easily. We often find that those with wheelchairs sit in the side aisles or you may wish to sit in the social area.

We look forward to welcoming you to St Mungo’s whether you are here on holiday, have just moved to the area or just want to come to Church.