Church Finance

Under Church of Scotland rules, individual congregations are required to be self-sustaining as well as meet an agreed annual allocation, based on turnover averaged over three years, to support the Church’s central services and mission work.

Now that we are back to some kind of normality, we are grateful that we are again receiving the WFO envelopes regularly on a Sunday. Also, we are benefiting from those members and visitors who give generously to the church plate. We would ask that those of you who still prefer to use the WFO envelopes to keep filling them each week, if you are financially able to do so, and bring them to the church when you come or ask your elder to collect them from you.

However, if you would prefer to make your regular offering by way of a Standing Order it is simple to arrange. The church bank details can be obtained from Scott Maxwell, ( or 07711148762), or from any member of the communications group. Alternatively, you could use the Church of Scotland online donations system . This would help St. Mungo’s to continue in a good state of financial health.

The Community Café is now back in business and is going from strength to strength. It is a big source of income for Church funds

We seek to maintain our financial balance by encouraging members to regularly review their giving and let us know if you are a taxpayer or not. That way we will know if your donation qualifies for a Gift Aid refund. Most importantly, we aim to increase the Membership of the Church, at all levels through our mission, discipleship, and fellowship activities.

Thank you to everyone who is contributing to allow the work of the Church to continue.


October 2022