Communications Group

The remit of this group is to communicate information between the other groups and the congregation.  The intimations are read out at the start of the services by a member of the Communications group. The quarterly Parishioner magazines, which are distributed to members of the congregation and are available in the porch for visitors,  are compiled, edited and printed by the group along with communion cards. Intimations are sent in to the local paper each week with occasional ads for upcoming events. We design and print posters, tickets and the occasional programme for church events.

We look after and update the church website as well as these other things and have been keeping busy with this over the last few months. We try to update it regularly and we put up as much information as we can that we think people would find useful and interesting.

The first thing you see when you log on is a video clip of the exterior of the church taken from a drone. This was done at the very beginning of the restoration  programme. It helped to show up defects in the roof and stonework high up on the building and provides a different view of our church.

On the Home Page there is a menu telling you of the other pages available and so you can click and go directly to those pages or you can browse down the Home Page picking up on bits and pieces of interest and being given links to more details if available.

Sang’s message changes each week and is a copy of the sermon he gave the previous Sunday so if you missed it or would prefer to read it, you can.

The café menus are published on the website – you will find them by clicking the “Newsletter” link.

We are able to look at the statistics for viewing the website country by country and find that people in many different parts of the world as well as the UK have viewed it.

If you have any news you think would be of interest, for inclusion on the website, then please let us know. We are careful about putting in personal information (Telephone Numbers etc) as we do not wish to breach Data Protection.


October 2023